Dirty Deeds ACDC Tribute Show, Wenty Leagues Club

Dirty Deeds ACDC Tribute Show, Wenty Leagues Club.

Photos taken by Creative Ninja at the Wenty Leagues Club in 2014.


DIRTY DEEDS have been kicking the can for AC/DC for nearly 20 years in NSW and are a force to be reckoned with LIVE on the big stage.
No other show comes close to the pure power, energy and dedication of these High Voltage Rockers!

Come to one of our shows and you’ll see amps, real loud Marshall amps, thumping Sonor drums, Paiste cymbals and mega bass amps – just like the real thing.

There are no backing tracks or trickery here like some of the other “tribute” acts getting around.
NO shade cloth with fake Marshall stacks printed on it while the guitars go through computers off stage.

Dirty Deeds are a band, a really good band, with years and years of ROCK experience in the engine room, a brilliant frontman and one of the best lead guitarists ever to strut the stage and play this music besides Angus Young himself.

In short, there is NO BULL with Dirty Deeds!

Of course, none of this would be possible without the talent, brilliant songs and 40 + years of AC/DC themselves and we are forever grateful for their music and we’re truly in awe of these Rock’N’Roll Hall Of Famers!!!

You’ll believe you are actually at an AC/DC concert! With countless years of combined industry experience DIRTY DEEDS success is due to its professionalism and dedication, musical performance and showmanship backed up by an amazingly authentic light show.

Well respected by fans and the industry, DIRTY DEEDS pride themselves on their ability to recreate the classic moments from AC/DC’s musical legacy. That may be why they were selected by AC/DC’s own record label to perform and represent the band at the Official AC/DC ‘Black Ice’ Worldwide Album Launch Party in October 2008 in Sydney.